What You Believe Creates Your Reality

Your life experience is a result of your beliefs and the actions you’ve taken based on those beliefs.

In this short, easy to read, book Maggie Currie leads you through a series of practical exercises to identify, challenge and replace any limiting and unhelpful beliefs so that you can create the reality you desire.

Presented as a simple step-by-step process and illustrated by her own life story, Maggie makes changing your reality simple and straightforward.

Reviewed and endorsed by Susan Jeffers (author of Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway)

Reviewed and endorsed by Simon Whitworth, author, playright, musician

This is what Tony Bray had to say recently:

“Hi Maggie, I am settled here in Shropshire, have a great job working for a broker up here doing something I love. My partner Sarah has 3 lovely kids and a beautiful granddaughter. Life is pretty good I must say. I am involved in the Motor Neurone Disease Association and regularly get called into working parties to look at the way forward for people with MND. They are big working parties and involve the directors of the association. I was recently honoured by the association for my services to them.

The swim that I do over the Solent has grown and in 2015 we had 37 swimmers complete the swim and raised over £31,000.

Tomorrow night there the UK premiere of a film in Telford. It is ‘The Glory Game - The Joost Van Der Westhuizen Story’. Google him, he is a former South African Rugby International. Joost is making a personal appearance at the film along with his brother and the producer/director of the film. Sarah and I were asked personally to sort this by Joost’s friends. Amazing.

I know you will say that it is my work that has achieved this, but every journey starts with the first step. I started mine with you. It is so true “what you believe creates your reality”.

Thank you. Xxxx”

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