I was pregnant, in a toxic relationship and very distressed. I wanted

to stay in the relationship but my partner did not.  Maggie helped me

 to realise that my health and that of the baby had to come first.

I was able to make a very difficult decision. It was the right one

and I am now so much happier without all the worry and upset. - SB, UK


Maggie, I have learned to face up to and deal with what happened to me,

to address negative feelings and focus on the positive. PC, UK


Thank you Maggie. I have learned I am normal and I am more

confident, and I don't need to be scared of everyone.  Also I am capable and resilient. SH, UK

'Thank you, I have learned that I have a worth or value not recognised by ex friends and

acquaintances, I do not need their opinions to excel at being a decent human being.'

  - MN, UK


"Thank you Maggie, I have changed the way I think and am thinking more clearly now. I am able to say what I want to say with confidence and without guilt. I know I am doing the right thing. I feel so much better now and know I will enjoy my life so much more."
- LG, UK

"I really enjoy your blogs, I was your student in Blackford college and I am still learning from you." - SP, UK

Lovely comments from one of my distance learning students: "Would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the time you invested and your promptness in assessing my work. Also would like to tell you that I found your feedback for all the assignments very helpful and also it was very specific & clear.""
- DR, India

"I found the coaching I received from Maggie to be very helpful indeed. She helped me define my goals and kept me on track to enable me to achieve them. Maggie listened well and asked me many questions that I would not have considered asking myself. The sessions were structured but informal and I felt very comfortable talking about my personal stuff. I would recommend her to anyone wishing to improve their business."

"'Oh, what a wonderful call I just had with Maggie, she has a way of coaxing out of me things and putting others in proper perspective. Feeling so much better, the little residual of melancholy about the fourth of July was gone by the end of the call. Great feeling letting it go. Now to get on with the rest of the day I am feeling very upbeat'."

"Maggie Currie has a heart as big as the Universe!! She gets people, all people, especially those who are feeling 'less than'. Maggie helps them to feel 'more than' who they believed themselves to be. We need more Maggie's in the world!'"
- MS, UK

"I had the usual ‘why me’ moments when my business was flagging. I was conscious that I wanted to maximise the potential and opportunity to change the balance of my life. If I wanted to work long hours I wanted that to be all my decision. My decision based on my choices measured against my own criterion and not someone else’s. Maggie enabled me to work through all these issues. She challenged me to really think about things and made me work hard at the answers, rather than offering advice. I am really grateful to Maggie for offering me help and getting me through this bad patch of my life. Her insight and empathy are second to none."

"I have been heartily impressed with both the timing and quality of the responses I receive from my tutor, Maggie Currie. Her feedback has been very valuable in helping me to look at a problem from more than my own perspective."
- SH, UK

"Maggie, I just had to have a few words with one of my employees which I have never been able to do with any confidence. I didn't even blush! I was quite proud of myself. Thank you."
- JH, UK

"I had lost my confidence in my abilities and Maggie helped me not only find it, but helped me build it up again. I know which direction to go in now, and I know I am on the right track."
- RM, Switzerland

"I learned how to use the three principles in my life (Mind, Consciousness and Thought). Maggie taught me how to listen to my innate wisdom rather than following my scattered thoughts and ideas. "
- JB, Germany

""Final visit to the wonderful Maggie Currie for the final session over and done with - worked wonders with brain unscrambled""
- JC, UK

"Hi Maggie, I am settled here in Shropshire, have a great job working for a broker up here doing something I love. My partner Sarah has 3 lovely kids and a beautiful granddaughter. Life is pretty good I must say. I am involved in the Motor Neurone Disease Association and regularly get called into working parties to look at the way forward for people with MND. They are big working parties and involve the directors of the association. I was recently honoured by the association for my services to them. The swim that I do over the Solent has grown and in 2015 we had 37 swimmers complete the swim and raised over £31,000. Tomorrow night there is the UK premiere of a film in Telford. It is 'The Glory Game - The Joost Van Der Westhuizen Story'. He is a former South African Rugby International. Joost is making a personal appearance at the film along with his brother and the producer/director of the film. Sarah and I were asked personally to sort this by Joost's friends. Amazing. I know you will say that it is my work that has achieved this, but every journey starts with the first step. I started mine with you. It is so true "what you believe creates your reality". Thank you. Xxxx"
- Tony Bray, UK

"'Thank you for your time & valuable knowledge. I've had some amazing feedback which has helped so much!'"
- HV, UK

"'I wasn't sure what to do in my relationship, Maggie helped me understand that I was worrying about things that I imagined might happen and not living in the relationship. Once I got my head around that and stopped thinking about imaginary scenarios, things improved dramatically and my partner and other people noticed the positive difference in me'"
- LR, Australia

"'Maggie intuitively knew that the path I was on wasn't the way I truly wanted to go. She allowed me to see that my passions were elsewhere and opened my mind to the possibilities ahead of me. I changed my path and have never looked back. Maggie was totally right.'"
- MV, UK

"'Maggie, just wanted to let you know that I was up in xxxxxxxx last week looking for work for when I move up in January. I managed to secure 3 interviews and had 2 job offers within days. One potential employer asked me to "name my price".!!! I didn't take that one as the other firm offered a better work life balance. Thank you for the work you started'"
- TB, UK

"What lovely feedback from one of my distance learning students on the Life Coaching Diploma. "Thank you very much for all your feedback and for all your time! Waiting for feedback has been one of the best parts of this course.'"
- EA, Estonia

"I really liked how you checked in with me to see if what you were saying made sense. I liked that you gave my own examples back to me, and gave me some food for thought and tips to think about. You have a very soft and kind approach and made me feel good about myself. You praised me too which I liked. I also had your insights as to be more approachable and how to change my approach based on whom I speak to. "
- OG, Brussels

"I just wanted to say a massive Thank you .... You have totally changed my life!!!!! I had such an awful fear of flying. With Maggie's help & coaching , I have now just come back from a wonderful holiday where I had an 8 hour flight !!!! Was calm throughout & dare I say ....I almost enjoyed it !! Thank you Maggie... now planning our next holiday .... XX"
- SE, UK

"You are awesome Maggie"
- GW, Australia

"Maggie it was such a pleasure to work with you. You helped me to refine my goals with a timeline and dates. You were careful to ask me directly what I wanted to achieve. So glad I have a support network that included you!!! "
- AA, UK

"Maggie has helped me to find the direction I need with my business. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, but now I know and I am beginning the process of franchising my business. I have become a better person and found my way in life thanks to Maggie. She is very resourceful and encouraging, without being judgemental or instilling her values on me. A warm and funny individual with a strong gift - a significant lady. I have learned a lot about myself I didn't know before. I now feel ready to tackle the rest of my life, Maggie has really helped me."

"Thanks Maggie, I have your book in my bag and the collage I made at your workshop, when I look at it, it gives me the confidence to carry on. I can't thank you enough for that workshop, it was great."
- MJ, UK

"Maggie is a compassionate coach who gets to the root of any problem. Her intuitive questioning brings out some unexpected answers. Always there to help. If you need to sort out something in your life, Maggie is the coach to help you."
- HW, Australia

"I have done really well since your workshop. I decided that it was OK to give up being self employed because there is too much going on elsewhere it is not serving me well. I have successfully applied for a surveyors job at xxxxxxx and been offered a very good package. I have accepted and start part time until I finish all my jobs and then full time. I am really pleased to say the least. It was very helpful to go somewhere for some "me" time. Thank you! "
- PM, UK

"Thank you so much for your coaching before the wedding - it helped enormously and I enjoyed the day so much."
- RB, UK

"Things are really good. There is very much a difference in my home life now, very rarely do I even think about work, which is great. Even my daughter has noticed a difference. I don't seem to get stressed like I used to. I really can't thank you enough for your help!"
- VP, UK

"Maggie always brings a refreshing energy to any situation. She truly enjoys helping others to live the life they deserve!"

"The ride has been awesome...the support you gave me while I was driving at the wheel of my life and you were sitting in the passenger seat guiding, encouraging, and supporting me was fantastic and I so appreciate that."

"Maggie has passion and insight and loves what she does. If you are being coached by her then you're in for a treat - and you will go far! She's an inspiring and successful coach and author."
- MM, UK

"I have made some significant changes to what I do and how I behave. Change is always difficult but you just have to have confidence, back yourself and go for it don't you!! Your book Maggie was the first step I took to set me on the way for this latest, and final, journey. I have picked up a few other things on the way and there is no turning back now!!"
- TB, UK

"Maggie is a wonderful person to know, she is very sincere and supportive."
- NK, UK

"Maggie is a strong team player. Constantly putting forth new ideas and encouraging innovation."
- DH, UK

"Thanks to you Maggie I am going to be featured in 'Take a Break's Fate and Fortune magazine'. I am going to be part of a competition for a 3 night break at the Enchanted Manor Hotel IoW in the December issue. You advised me to send out a newsletter, well the Enchanted Manor was on my list. Great advice and thank you."
- MW, UK

"Maggie is an inspiring leader who gets results, whether managing a team or working independently."

"Maggie helped me to recognise that I was stagnating and I chose not to do that any longer. I have changed my life dramatically in just one year and now I am really enjoying my life and my new relationship."
- LR, UK

"Maggie is a wonderful coach who will guide you through your emotions with you coming out on top."

"Maggie is such a wonderful person and a great coach! I have had the distinct pleasure of getting to know and love her for 6+ months now. Maggie is honest, very compassionate and truly enjoys helping others to live the life they deserve! I know firsthand that she knows her stuff and has been a tremendous help to me in my journey! If your looking for life changing results, you've come to the right Woman!"

"I was helped immensely by Maggie in finding my way with the career I wanted, She was non judgemental and patient and made me focus on what I really wanted. I knew she was a good coach, but it wasn't until I implemented what I learned that found out what a great coach Maggie is. Can't recommend her highly enough."
- CG, UK

"Maggie you changed my outlook on being single for Valentine's that's for sure, I bought myself a lovely meal, DVD and scented candle, cuddled up with the dog and had a lovely peaceful evening to myself, not a hint of bitterness in sight."
- HY, UK

"Maggie helped me to make one big decision that led to another, and another, and another - and that's how my life changed for the better!"
- JL, UK

"I attended one of Maggie's workshops and can recommend her highly as she is an expert in her field. She continually strives to be the best she can - continuing her quest for updating her own knowledge."
- LB, UK

"Maggie is a wonderful coach who, I guarantee will have a positive effect on your life. A great person to know and have on your side."
- TB, UK

"It has been a pleasure to work with Maggie, she has great insight and a refreshing down to earth approach. I would not hesitate to recommend Maggie to anyone in need of an experienced coach who gets results."
- SW, UK

"Maggie gives an A+ performance. Focused, driven, and constantly getting the job done."
- RA, UK

"Maggie has great experience of dealing with life situations in a positive way. I have seen people grow within themselves during several of her presentations and seminars. She deals with people in a non-judgemental and constructive way, whilst challenging them to look at their view of them selves and to re-evaluate their own self-worth."
- KC, UK

"I am raring to go now after my coaching sessions with Maggie. She asked just the right questions and really made me think. I know what I want to do now and where I am going."
- LY, UK

"Maggie makes the toughest challenges seem simple. Always exceeds my expectations."
- WW, UK

"My interview went fine the other day. No problems with the presentations or discussion, everything was good. Thank you for your help."
- EH, UK

"Maggie you inspire me."
- DB, UK

"Thanks for the notes of our session. The idea of getting help was a major breakthrough for me and I am laughing at myself and in total disbelief that I had to be led by you to that very obvious solution!!! Getting help will open up the possibilities of what I can achieve enormously and I actually woke up this morning raring to go instead of dreading the day's work."
- KG, UK

"Two years on from attending Maggie's confidence workshop and the techniques are still working. My book of dreams is still growing. Really good stuff."
- TM, UK

"It was sitting in Maggie's workshop and thinking about being 80 and looking back that I got my "mojo" back and decided it was time to start getting on with the rest of my life instead of worrying about what might not happen. Daunting but exciting and I'm ready for a new challenge."
- JA, UK

"Everyone should have their own coach, and she should be Maggie, she is really great and supportive."
- RS, UK

"Thank you very much for the coaching and your follow up email and also for the kind comments therein.Yes you're absolutely right, coaching and workshops is my absolute passion and I have started to do some work towards the content of these, since we spoke.Thank you again for your help."
- VC, UK

"You changed my life! I am so much more confident. I have learned a lot about myself I didn't know before. Thank you."
- HC, UK

"Thanks a lot for keeping the 'conversation' going. I will be patient, honest with myself and I do understand that this is not just some sort of pain reliever that gives instant relief, for a while. I respect and admire your approach, very candid but with compassion. You so generously give your healthy tips as if you know me from somewhere. Thanks."
- MW, Kenya

"I left the island 3 years ago. And have done amazing things since. I am not a tree, I moved. Will never forget that you helped get me here. Thank you."
- LR, UK

"Thank you for your time last week, it was very useful. I have decided to try and find more time for myself and am going to try and write a book! I have found out about courses at the college and will look to do this in the New Year."
- VB, UK

"I am now ready to move on with my life. Maggie helped me regain my self-esteem and confidence."
- FA, UK

"Before I went to Maggie for help I could not handle confrontation and would feel in the wrong, even though I was right. I was sceptical about how it would work, but was surprised how calm I felt and ready to take anything on after my session. I still cannot believe how quickly it happened for me. Maggie exceeded my expectations, it was beyond my dreams and worked so quickly."
- JH, UK

"Maggie helped me gain the confidence to stand up for myself and begin my new life. I now feel ready to start college and leave home."
- DD, UK

"Maggie has an instant relaxing mentality rarely found in people, backed with a genuine empathy for people. Maggie has the mark of calm, leaving you feeling relaxed and at peace. Maggie's knowledge and style leaves clients and fellow professionals wanting more of her work. Maggie is just one of those people with a gift and the world is blessed with her use of them."
- DU, UK

"The feedback from the students was extremely positive about the event and in particular students thanked you both for "taking them out of their comfort zones" which is great to hear."
- Carrie Almond, Chamber of Commerce

"The workshop was friendly, laid back, personal and fun. Achieved and enjoyed and have direction to follow. Thanks!"
- SW, UK

"I felt Maggie really cares about people and her determination for me to be positive has rubbed off! Thank you."
- AM, UK

"Maggie has the ability to lead people to discover their own strength and guides them into owning who they are in a non-judgmental and supportive way. She is a great coach and is very passionate about what she does. Her clients come out winners after being coached by Maggie."
- TZ, South Africa

"Thanks Maggie, you inspired me and I am now looking forward in my life."
- SP, uk

"I used to get irritated whenever you would say 'why can't you do that?' or 'why do you think that?'. But now I see that by questioning my thinking you have broadened my outlook and I can actually achieve more than I ever thought. In fact the other day I was faced with a challenge, and my initial thought was I need to get someone in to do this for me. Then I stopped and thought of you and it came to me that I can do it. And do you know what, I did it and it worked out very well."
- IM, UK

"A 'YOU' coach giving spiritual inspiration and positive coaching methods and a lovely person to boot."
- JW, UK

"Maggie assisted me through a challenging time in my life. She is able to combine a no nonsense approach with genuine empathy to her coaching work and shares her knowledge generously. She holds you accountable for outcomes in a warm and caring manner. Being coached by Maggie was such a pleasure. I always looked forward to those sessions with anticipation. Maggie is able to hold your space in a non-judgemental manner which gives you the confidence to move forward. I certainly recommend her as a coach."
- TZ, South Africa

‘Maggie has helped me to find the direction I need with my business.  I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, but now I know and I am beginning the process of franchising my business.  I have become a better person and found my way in life thanks to Maggie. She is very resourceful and encouraging, without being judgemental or instilling her values on me  A warm and funny individual with a strong gift - a significant lady.  I have learned a lot about myself I didn't know beforeI now feel ready to tackle the rest of my life, Maggie has really helped me’ - SW, UK

"The coaching I received from Maggie helped me to set well formed business goals, which have led to a steady improvement in revenue. Maggie helped me to get things into perspective and to realign my priorities." - CP, UK

'I was insecure in myself about changing jobs. Maggie helped me to see that I could achieve bigger and better things. She helped me boost my confidence. I landed a better job and I haven't looked back.' – DJ, UK