Are you sitting too comfortably?

In this short well written self-help book, Maggie Currie, who has a decade of experience as a life coach, offers some useful and practical suggestions for stepping outside your comfort zone, which encourages the reader to push their boundaries and try new things to find out what can actually be achieved by just taking small steps in a new direction. Often by simply changing one minor detail of your everyday life makes your whole day better and frequently the things that seem to be the scariest will bring the greatest rewards.

Staying inside your comfort zone may create psychological barriers that will lead to real limitations in your life. Step outside that zone and the resulting sense of achievement can be uplifting and confidence-building, thus leading on to bigger and better things.

This is what someone had to say about this book:

"I have just read your book, now bearing in mind I am not the world’s best or biggest reader because of my short attention span, I only have one complaint. It’s too short! I loved it, the bit about socks is me to a tee, the biographical bits were really interesting and the trip to Australia was very moving." IM, UK