7 Stepping Stones to Re-building Confidence in Yourself

Whatever has caused you to lose the self-confidence you were born with, it is possible to rebuild your confidence and start living the life you really desire.

In this book Maggie Currie introduces seven easy-to-understand stepping stones that will become your roadmap to increased self-confidence and happiness.

You will discover how to use visualisations and affirmations to grow and support your new self-image. And you’ll begin to love and trust yourself and your own inner wisdom as you rebuild your life.


“An impassioned book written from the heart, by someone who has been there and discovered the resources to move on.” David Miskimin

“I was given a copy of Maggie’s book ‘7 Stepping Stones to Re-building confidence in yourself’ by my mother. She could see that it was my lack of confidence holding me back in life and making me make some bad choices. Your book changed this and really helped me to move my life forward and I have made some really positive changes, for myself and my son. I was also touched by your own story which in many ways reflected aspects of my own life, so I could really relate to you. I wanted to write to say a BIG THANK YOU.” G. UK