I know that you want a better understanding of your current situation, to work out what really matters to you in life, to make the choices that are right for you and to discover who you really are?

To do those things you will have to be ready to make some changes, not necessarily huge changes, maybe changing the filling in your sandwich. When you work with me you will learn how to live life like you and not how you think other people want you to be and this will bring you more freedom, more fun and less stress.

Does that sound good to you? If it does please get in touch via email today for a totally free conversation so we can discuss what it is you want out of life.

I can help you with:

* Personal development.
* Career development
* Anxieties and stress
* Relationship issues
* Limiting inner beliefs

and so much more. I believe in you.

I have been to many seminars, courses, retreats, conferences, workshops where it is plainly obvious the people running them are using them to upsell their more expensive products. Whilst they give you a glimpse of
what they offer, you never actually get to benefit from it unless you pay out thousands of pounds. They make no secret of it and they are very successful - for a while.

There is also a lot of bull**** being sold out there that is solely to make money, and is not focused on you.

What I offer is coaching and mentoring to you - for you to make changes if you want to in your life. To help you to have more fun, more freedom and less stress. That is it. There is no catch. I believe in you.

If you would like help with your personal development, career development, relationship issues, limiting beliefs or something else, please get in touch and we can have a chat about how best we can work together.

Gift vouchers are available for you to give to someone you care for so they can get a better understanding of their current situation and to work out who they really are.  Gift vouchers are to the value of £50.00 each (one session), will not have the price on them and you can buy vouchers for 1 or more sessions. Please email me to find out more.

Group Coaching

Sometimes it can seem to be too scary to be coached on your own, so I offer group coaching. There is a powerful energy when groups get together for growth and transformation, both personally and collectively. We are all connected by that spark inside and work powerfully and compassionately when we connect with each other, especially when we share common goals of positive change.

The connections that I will help you to make via my group coaching will mean co-support for life, whether through workshops, team building sessions or on-line groups.


Mentoring is a process that always involves communication and is relationship-based. It is usually face-to-face and during a sustained period of time.The focus of mentoring is to develop the whole person. This can be working with an individual or with a group. It differs from coaching in that a mentor will advise and share their expert knowledge, whilst a coach will encourage you to discover the answers you already know but have yet to realise that you know.

I make a commitment to mentor you in a caring way, which involves me taking part in the learning process side-by-side with you.

Complementary Therapies

I offer therapies that complement my coaching and mentoring. Find out more here

How does it work?

My teaching, mentoring and coaching services are all designed individually so it’s good to have an initial chat to explore ideas and see what might be the best fit for you and the costs involved.

Services range from:

One off face-to-face, phone or skype coaching sessions to 3 month, 6 month and one year coaching programmes for individuals, teams and groups, workshops and training.

Sessions are anything from 30 minutes to 90 minutes and each session is costed at £50.00. You can change your life for as little as £150.00, and you are worth every penny.

Chat to me about a retainer so you can have coaching for you and your staff when it is needed. I offer a monthly payment plan to have a regular amount of help, from as little as £100 per month*.

If you do nothing but hope your life will change, it won't. Be certain your life will change when you work with me. I believe in you.

Your investment in you is both monetary and your time. Get in touch today, or you can call me on 07779 189305 to find out more.

"I was helped immensely by Maggie in finding my way with the career I wanted, She was non judgemental and patient and made me focus on what I really wanted. I knew she was a good coach, but it wasn't until I implemented what I learned that found out what a great coach Maggie is. Can't recommend her highly enough." - CG, UK

*Covers 2 sessions per month, any additional sessions will incur further costs.