What makes you laugh?

My guest blog on Global Winning Women

I was considering this the other day. There are so many things that make us laugh, whether it be a quiet chuckle or a full blown belly laugh. Frequently there is something that makes us really smile or laugh.

For instance, the things children say that are so honest and innocent – for example my granddaughter Abigail who is 11 years old now, was asked when she was about 18 months old to go and do something with her mother.

Her reply was ‘I haven’t finished yet’.

When asked by her mother what she was doing that she hadn’t finished yet, Abigail replied ‘Looking out of the window’.

Now that made me laugh, because it was so cute, so innocent and so honest.

My husband makes me laugh on occasion. Sometimes it is something he says, sometimes it something he does, it could be the way he looks, or the expressions on his face.

Dogs make me laugh by the way they run around in circles trying to catch their tails, or chase leaves or each other. They are such happy creatures.

Monkeys with their antics, squirrels playing with their acorns, horses trotting around their fields, cats chasing string or leaves.

My face in the mirror first thing in the morning is hilarious.

I love to watch people and often the way they behave makes me laugh. It could be that they are tipsy and giggly, or they have a specific way of packing their shopping into their bags.
Laughing doesn’t mean I am ridiculing, it means that I am enjoying what I am seeing and feeling. I love people and animals. I find them fascinating and intriguing. I can sit and people watch for hours.

Why I Laugh

So lots of things make me laugh, sometimes inwardly and sometimes with a full on belly laugh. The latter is extremely good as I can feel my mood shifting too.

They say that a good long laugh is as good for you as a holiday.

So, what makes you laugh and why?


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